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NUNU Art & Design Studio offer an extensive array of art workshops, including Intuitive Art, Therapeutic Expressive Art, Creative Expressions, Masterpiece Workshops, Imaginary Art, as well as realistic drawing and painting utilizing a wide range of mediums.

Art workshops can provide a range of benefits for retirement homes, including promoting creative expression, fostering social connections, improving mental and physical health, providing a sense of purpose, and stimulating the imagination.

We DO ALL THE MATERIALS SETUP for you, NO work on your part!

We offer FREE 30 minutes introduction session!

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Benefit Of Art Workshops for Seniors.

Greater Self-Expression

Seniors may have challenges with verbal communication due to mental or physical deterioration. Art therapy provides an alternative method of expression for their feelings and thoughts. A professional therapist can guide seniors through creative projects that allow them to express themselves freely.


New Thought Processes

Art therapy can also help people think differently about life by allowing them to engage parts of their body and brain that they do not use frequently. Exploring new movements and thoughts can help to reframe their perspectives and find new joy.

Improved Memory

Practising creative arts can help seniors who suffer from memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s or dementia. Painting and music may even help to uncover forgotten memories about loved ones and old times. It can also present those living with memory loss a moment of clarity and the ability to function optimally


Therapeutic Expressive Art Workshops


  • Intuitive Art & guided Imaginary

  • Inner Child & Butterfly

  • Connect to heart & self portrait

  • Letting go & figure

  • Guided visualization & landscape

  • Guided visualization & Abstract

  • Expressive Art & collage

  • Neurography Art

  • Meditation& Self portrait

  • Meditation & Motivational Collage

  • Meditation & Abstract Art

  • Meditation & Doodling

  • Meditation & Gratitude expressive Art

  • Meditation & Values Expressive Art

  • Meditation Childhood Memory & Art

  • Draw yourself as an animal.

  • Art movement

  • Paint Night Art workshops


Our workshops aim to provide a nurturing environment for individuals to explore their creativity and connect with their authentic selves. Through unique approaches, we promote mental wellness and healing by allowing participants to let go and express themselves through various mediums.  Our goal is to empower individuals to engage in self-discovery and provide them with the tools to continue their exploration beyond the workshop.

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"Art is always a positive venue to bring people together. I have never done Intuitive Painting and enjoyed the process very much."



"Everything!! I enjoyed it all - very empowering! "



"The meditation instructions were very comforting Playful, creative activities-great, positive, and affirming support team! "



"After a year it was the first time that I was free about anything, I was just thinking about painting it was a great experience for me."



per person

  • Duration 90 mins

  • 8-15 Students

  • Art supplies provided


per person

  • Duration 90 mins

  • 8-15 Students

  • Art supplies provided


per person

  • Duration 90 mins

  • 8-18 Students

  • Art supplies provided

We offer FREE 30 minutes introduction session!

We DO ALL THE MATERIALS SETUP for you, NO work on your part!

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