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According to different cultures NUNU  means “Everything - love of life - Rocking New stuff & Entirety"

The name Nunu is of Hindu origin and is the another name of lord 'narayan'. Which mean “Tempting smile”🙂

About Nunu Studio


To ignite young people to develop and unleash the power of their curiosity and creativity. We inspire them to live lives filled with meaning, passion, purpose, hope, and a thirst for knowledge. 


A future where opportunities for growth, personal development, and contributions to society are measured by the depths of one’s own curiosity and creativity.


Promoting belonging and inclusion for all children to ignite and follow their passionate curiosity.

Igniting students' natural curiosity and creativity, while encouraging them to ask why and why not.  ​

NUNU ART & DESIGN Studio was found by Nikoo,

Nikoo Is an artist , Designer and art practitioner.Nikoo's mission is to engage and help who To engage, inspire and teach  people through art because she believes that art is a therapeutic tool 

Study shows that Art has a great impact on the human's brain, especially Young age people. I started teaching art as a therapy for kids and adults since 5 years ago. During my career, I had the privilege of working with children and teen with special needs and ADHD and kids and those who suffer from anxiety and depression Causing By Screens or some other things in their life. The Impact of Art in their life make me studying deeply into Art therapy.


The philosophy of the NUNU ART & Design Studio is that the child must be provided with an art education that emphasizes the creative process and spontaneous visual learning experiences.

The child also must be given the opportunity to make his/her own choices during flights of artistic inspiration and passion.  Students at my Studio receive a fresh approach to the study of art.  My curriculum believes that the child enters our classes painting and drawing according to specific ages and stages of perceptual development.   The opportunity to become an inspired artist only will succeed when the child is placed in the proper studio environment that caters to his/her world and encourages each child to imagine freely and to interpret a personal artistic vision.




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©2022 by Nikoo Nikpeikaran. Proudly created with NUNU STUDIO

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