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Nikoo Nikpeikaran

Hello. I am Nikoo a thoughtful abstract & digital artist. I think of myself as a visionary artist with a diverse background. 

My  artworks express my  feelings,  thoughts and emotions through movements and textures. My perspective is infused in the depth of eastern art and moving toward modern fine and digital art. 

I had the privilege of being exposed to differences in art and cultures, from the curve of Paisleys and middle Eastern domes to my interest in minimalism, one thing stayed the same and that is the journey of finding beauty in what has been presented and allowing that experience to reflect on what I can create. 


Art is a path of self-discovery. I love to create, it brings me great joy when my creations resonate with others. I work intuitively on paintings-adding, removing, layering and blending-until the seen and the unseen harmonize with my spirit and resonate with my soul. When it seems as if there is nothing left to express, I let the paintings be with the belief that they will find, speak to and feed the soul of the collectors.The motifs arise during the process of creation, and a vague idea or current mood. Passion always is an important aspect besides the love for details. 




©2022 by Nikoo Nikpeikaran. Proudly created with NUNU STUDIO

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